Cycling Tips & David Millar in Rocacorba

Col Collective with David Millar in Rocacorba – Veloclub Rocacorba
For almost two decades the Spanish city of Girona has been home to many of the world’s professional road racers. 20 kilometres to the north of the old town lies the Rocacorba climb, a 13.8km testing ground that has now lent its name to David Millar’s Velo Club Rocacorba.
The locals apparently use their age plus 10 minutes as a time to aim for up the climb.
Millar moved to Girona a decade ago and explains how Rocacorba has a special place in his life.
“When I decided to set up my own cycling club – cycling club’s probably a little bit of a strong word for it; cycling and dining club – I was looking for a name and I thought Velo Club Rocacorba, because the climb has been so important to me in the second part of my career and also it’s omnipresent on the horizon from Girona.