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As with any club it is all about coming together and sharing a passion. In this case our relentless desire to ride bikes. Our club is about being out on the road, exploring with friends, both old and new. We would like to invite you to join our rides with the International Cycling Club and to be part of our shared passion wherever you may be. Join our international club STRAVA, with the best routes in Girona. If you are in Girona and want to join our rides do not hesitate to contact us!

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Rocacorba is our favorite climb. Where we were born. With a height of 992 meters and a distance of 12km, we find an elevation of about 800 meters. Above the antennas, you can enjoy some of the most incredible views you have ever seen. What are you waiting for?

Els Àngels is probably the best-known climb in Girona. With an elevation of about 485 meters of height and 11km of distance. The climb is crowned by a famous sanctuary with a restaurant, from where you can see the entire province of Girona.

Mare de Déu del MONT  is the highest climb in Girona, at 1123 meters high. The climb is about 11km away is one of the few considered in HORS CATEGORIE. Together with Rocacorba and Els Àngels, they form the 3 peaks. One of the most difficult challenges, crowning the 3 ports in one day.

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