We have good news!

Rocacorba Clothing's new winter collection is now available on our official website. It consists of three parts: World Collection, Storm Collection and Tramuntana Collection.
The World collection is a homage that Rocacorba Clothing has wanted to make to all the wonderful cities in the world. Different cultures, different customs, different perspectives, different ways of life … diversity, plurality and wealth. Every corner has its magic that makes it special and unique.

The Storm Collection refers to a strong weather disturbance of the atmosphere that is accompanied by wind, rain, snow or stone and especially intense electrical activity. But it is much more than that, the storm nourishes the earth, makes the vegetation grow, and paints the sky.

The Tramuntana Gilets transports us to those days when the wind blows and blows, non-stop. The most characteristic wind of Girona is the Tramuntana, strong and cold. With the arrival of the Tramuntana, the sky is painted a pure and beautiful blue, which has served as an inspiration to many artists for many years. This new design offers exceptional reliability for an unpredictable climate. Suitable for early morning rides and cold descents.

Meet the new collection!! You are sure to find your ideal partner!!