Happy International Women's Day!💪🏼🚺

As the sun rises on this special day, we're thrilled to celebrate the growing presence of incredible women in the cycling community. The peloton is witnessing a surge in female riders and more racing events are rightfully including and showcasing the progress of women cyclists.

At Rocacorba Clothing, we stand united in supporting and empowering women on and off the road. It is not just about riding; it is about breaking barriers, setting new records and fighting for equality in every pedal stroke.

We have been working very hard, testing and perfecting women-specific gear that will soon be part of our collection.
We believe in the power of women in the peloton, and we are committed to providing gear that matches their prowess. Because every woman on a bike deserves to be heard, respected, and equipped with the best.

Join us in celebrating the unstoppable force of women in cycling. Make the most of today to celebrate and let's ride towards a future where equality is not just a destination but a journey we all embark on together.