David Millar x Rocacorba

Rocacorba is (a bit) like Girona’s Alpe d’Huez: it’s a tough climb that’s famous for the history that has been written on its slopes.
But that’s where the similarities end. Alpe d’Huez is a bucket list climb due to its often pivotal role in the Tour de France. Rocacorba’s is much less well-known and its reputation is nothing to do with famous races or TV coverage.
Since it was fully paved in around 2000, Rocacorba has been used by some of the world’s best cyclists as a test climb to see what sort of shape they’re in. For pros it’s all about getting a sub 30 minute; the climb has seen some big names turn themselves inside to achieve that. Then there’s the story of Wiggins coming along with his rollers and skinsuit to try and beat the previous benchmark set by Dan Martin…
Of all those that have ridden it, it has been popularised by one man more than any other: David Millar. He lives near the climb and his invitation-only cycling club, Velo Club Rocacorba, is named after it.